I have the PRO version license and I would like networking

How to use f-billing Revolution PRO on multiple computers

I.) First you need to download and install f-Billing Revolution setup on  a central computer 
that every user in your LAN network has access to. 
Your central computer will be the database server. 
No configuration required. (Click on Download link below)

Setup file download link for single computer usage or for network 
central machine:


Under Settings menu tab , use your license key to turn the demo version  into full pro version.

II.) If you would like networking...

You need to install client on your other computers. 
This is the same executable program that you have on your central computer 
but settings are different because no database server and databases on 
client computers.

1. Please download and install only the client for your client machines 
from following link:


2. Your client computers and your central computer must be on the same Local Area Network (LAN)

 Both of those computers must be connected to the same router.

Your central computer must be switched ON and user logged in to 
Windows otherwise your client machines unable to connect to your central  computer's database server. 

No need to run/start f-billing Revolution on central computer when you use  the billing software on your client machine.

3. Run f-billing software on your client computer 
When you first run f-billing on your client machine, it will ask you for  your central computer's name. 
Enter central computer's name (hostname) correctly and your client is ready to run.

How to check my central computer hostname:
From the Start menu, click on Run... , enter command: CMD In the black window that opens, at the prompt, enter command: HOSTNAME Press Enter after. The result on the next line of the command prompt window will display the hostname of your current machine. 

Note: you can use our software max. 3 computers (one server and max 2  client computers)
No need to buy additional license keys for client   computers, please use your existing Pro version license key. 

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